Political Science Research Paper

1) TOPIC/THESIS: How prohibition is a failing cause on the war on drugs in the caribbean and specifically in Puerto Rico, and how it does more harm than good.


2)RESEARCH PROBLEMS:    I would like to disprove the idea of prohibition of illegal drugs in Puerto Rico AND THE CARIBBEAN. I will show a historical analysis on prohibition and how it has never worked around the world and the negative effects it has socially, economically and culturally.





  1. Research questions include:
  2. What is prohibition, its historical importance and how and when it was adopted by Puerto Rico?
  3. How prohibition negatively affects the economy, culture, and society.

iii.     How do other countries deal with drug prohibition and what can we learn from them?



  2. Puerto Rico has been in the middle of an ongoing war between the islands authorities and the drug cartel. There will always be a war against illegal drugs, but some believe that alleviating the strict laws on prohibition will not only decrease overall violence and reduce drug related deaths but will ultimately benefit Puerto Rico culturally, financially, and socially.
  4. Generally disprove the idea of prohibition on illegal drugs in Puerto Rico.
  5. Prove that prohibition does more harm than good in Puerto Rico
  6. Show how historically prohibition has not worked and identify where and why it hasn’t worked around the word
  7. Prove how it stimulates other illegal activity more harmful like gun violence.
  8. Show alternatives to prohibition and how it can be obtained in Puerto Rico
  9. Show other countries that have disproven prohibition and are much better off for it.


  1. I believe a constructivist theoretical approach will be applied to my research. I believe this is a topic that will have opinions on both sides of the spectrum with viable points on each side. Due to the fact that it is a difficult subject to cover because of its raw content, it will be important to try to cover both sides of the topic in order to make a objective argument.
  3. This research will use a mixed style design using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The quantitative part will include a collection of data that will put into a numerical perspective the topic in question. The qualitative part of my research will cover mostly public opinion on some of the issues relevant to my topic. This will provide a better view of the research problem.


  1. I would like to get rough data on the number of illegal drugs that come in and out of Puerto Rico or the Caribbean. How the government is spending taxpayer’s money to keep prohibition afloat. How prohibition leads to numerous drug and gun related violence. How prohibition affects financially in a negative fashion. How other countries deal with prohibition and how they have turned it around to make it economically profitable for their country.