American History Assignment

Complete this assignment on Benjamin Franklin, using the attached two sources, and at least one more of your choosing.






For this assignment, you will choose a significant figure who contributed to and influenced others during the time discussed in this course—with the exception of any U.S. President—and prepare a tribute focusing on his or her relevance to today. This is not a biography. Your argument should highlight how society remembers your historical figure now, based on the philosophies and ideals he or she presented or helped to change and evolve.

The style of this project is a multimedia presentation with both audio and video components; however, the medium used is up to you. Potential examples include, but are not limited to, a videotaped speech, a self-guided PowerPoint presentation, or a video with audio. Creativity and effort will impact the final grade.





Projects are due during Unit VII and will be graded on the following:




 Prepare and submit a two-page reflection, ideally based on the outline assignment from Unit VI.




 Create and submit a visual presentation with your reflection as an audio transcript.




 Use a minimum two sources that can be found in Waldorf’s Online Library (at least one from the American History & Life database).




 Proper citations and references for any use or identification of those sources must be used.




 Length must fall within three to five minutes; in the case of PowerPoint, slides and audio should progress and stop automatically like a taped presentation.




 Content accuracy and avoidance of anachronism are a must.




Many options exist to which you could use to make your recording, such as the following:




 Audacity-




 Online Voice Recorder-




 Ipadio-




 Webcam file and upload to YouTube.






Alternatively, you can search for other programs/ways to make your recording to upload.