Analyze existing quality management system at Johnson & Johnson manufacturing company based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria.

Prepare a 18-20 pages paper that analyzes existing quality management system at Johnson & Johnsonmanufacturing company and suggests any improvements that need to be made. Your analysis should be based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria.  Then a 20 slide presentation about the paper


  • Describe the company’s strategic planning.
  • Describe the quality system of the company (ISO 9000, Six Sigma, etc.)
  • Describe the company’s human resource development and management.
  •  Is the company operating effectively? Describe the company’s effectiveness comparing to its competitors.
  • Is the company creating an atmosphere focused on customers?
  • How effective its leaders in translating the quality mission?
  • What specific actions or changes need to be made to remove the barriers that stand between current capabilities and improvement?

Please note that these are general guidelines. I am not looking for a paper with seven points in the sequence listed above. Please feel free to add to or alter the above list as best fits your paper.


The structure of the paper may include the following:


♦ Abstract (no longer than 250 words) It should be at located at the beginning on a separate page. It should sum up the paper and contain the following: the purpose of the paper, background information about the company, the key points of the analysis, the highlights of the main conclusions, and the highlights of the recommendations.

♦ Introduction (2 pages’ maximum) Provide background information about the subject and significance of the research

♦ Body of your paper (use headings and subheadings as many as needed) Provide analysis of the topic, suggestions for improvement Must address the guidelines mentioned above

♦ Conclusions States only the main conclusions of the newly acquired knowledge


♦ References Cite all the references used. References must be from peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals, books, and reliable online sources. A minimum of 10 scholarly resources is required.


Each paper should be typed in a 12 point font, one inch margins, and a minimum of 1 1⁄2 line spacing. The report will be graded for both content and presentation. The paper will be evaluated for completeness, scientific accuracy, adherence to topic, correctness and quality of works cited, and presentation (readability, grammar, and spelling). It is recommended to follow the American Psychological Association Publication Association style.


The paper must be an original work. Your source of information should be taken from peer-reviewed articlespublished in scientific journals, books, and reliable online sources (typically government or scientific society).