Writing Self-Analysis

If you have not already done so, complete your readings under Academic Guides in the studies for this unit.

For this assignment, complete a self-evaluation of your professional writing skills, including the following:

  • Review the content, structure, and organization of the initial post you submitted in your first discussion (from the previous unit), and the responses you received from your fellow learners.
  • Evaluate your post, using the Writing Self-Evaluation Rubric, linked in the Resources.
  • In the rubric, review the different levels of achievement that are possible for each criterion. Place an “X” in the level of achievement you believe your discussion post has attained.
  • The very last column on the right provides space for you to leave notes about the criterion. Indicate the reason for your assessment of each criterion in the last column.
  • Once you have completed the rubric, be sure to save a copy of it to your computer for later comparison.

Submit the rubric along with a copy of the discussion post you assessed as Word document attachments in the assignment area.