research paper

The research paper should be roughly 7 pages, double-spaced, typed and include an additional bibliography page. In this paper students select an international topic of interest and do a comparative analysis of framing, ideological orientations and biases in the coverage of the same topic in three newspapers: two international and one American (instructions below). There will be three drafts of this paper.



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Writing the paper…


Step One: Introduction.

Create a theme that encapsulates your paper’s analysis and discuss it in the introductory paragraph of your paper. Remember that the paper is about national and international newspaper coverage of your topic.


Step Two: Comparative assessement of newspapers in light of scholarly research.

After reviewing scholarly literature about the topic compare how adequately the two international and one American newspapers covered the topic. Did some newspapers cover the facts or arguments more extensively than others? Were important points left out that the public should be aware of?

Step Three. Analysis of newspaper content: framing, bias, ideology, censorship

Carefully analyze the newspaper articles about your topics from all three newspapers.

How were the articles framed? Do you detect different political orientations in the newspapers? Do the articles communicate any of the four “biases” that Bennett discusses? Is there omission or censorship of some material? Do you notice any other important commonalties or differences among these newspapers?


Step Four: Conclusion

Sum up your findings. Were there similarities or differences in the coverage of your topic in the three newspapers? How do you explain your findings? Do you think that journalistic practices, political spin, sourcing and/or media ownership played a role in the content of the different newspapers. Explain.


Select two newspaper articles that represent the points you make in your analysis from each of the three newspapers and attach them to your second draft when you turn it in (total six articles),