MAT-144 Mission Project

Use the following resource to assist you in completing your Mission Trip assignment.

Imagine that you are planning to conduct a mission trip in 5 years. You should select a specific mission for this project to provide some kind of humanitarian aid to the target population. Many people choose to include evangelism as a part of their mission, though the main goal must be humanitarian. The mission goal may include providing education, medical assistance, clean water, food, or aid.

To keep your mission reasonable, in scale and goal, design your mission to include yourself and 5 – 10 other participants and to be 2 – 4 weeks in duration. Because the mission group is small and the duration is not long, consider goals that can reasonably be accomplished within the allotted time.

Choose a small target population for your mission. For example, if you want to bring medicine to two small villages in Peru, the villagers are your target population. It is not reasonable to try to bring medicine to the entire population of Peru with a small group of missionaries on a month long trip.

Choose one country from the list provided in the Course Materials that you would consider going to for your mission trip. Research the country using The World Factbook found on the Central Intelligence Agency website at, other resources such as the U.S. Department of State website at .

Develop a financial plan to fund your proposed mission project to one of the countries describing the country of your choice, the expenses you expect to incur for the trip, and how you will pay for those expenses. Use an EXCEL spreadsheet to assist you in creating your budget.

Write a 1200-1500 word narrative describing your mission. Specifically, address the following in your assignment:

  • What is the purpose of your mission trip? In general, mission trips fall into three categories – providing aid in the form of supplies, providing education, and providing services such as medical clinics and building houses – evangelism cannot be the sole purpose of the trip.
  • What cultural and social aspects of the country you have chosen bear on your reasons for choosing that country?
  • What aspects of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic ideal to love your neighbor as yourself are to be considered in your reasons for your mission trip? How does your personal World-view and the possible World-views of your target population influence your plans for the trip?
  • What is the target population? How does it compare with the entire population and what will it look like in five years? You are required to discuss your target population and its projected size in five years. This material is covered in Chapter 6 of the text with the appropriate formula appearing on page 6 – 8. Assume that the annual growth rate of the target population is the same as that of the country’s total population growth rate and that it will remain consistent at the most recent rate available. Show your work for all calculations using the Equation Editor in Microsoft Word.



Example: Suppose you have $39,815.00 invested at 8% APR over 5 years and the interest is compounded once per year. The formula for the final value of your investment gives



This is how your math should be formatted. While this is a fun project, the goal is to assess the mathematics you are learning, so you must include your calculations, make sure they are correct and clearly written.

  • What are the economic reasons for choosing this country? Use economic information you find in The World Factbook and other resources.
  • What are possible safety concerns that might arise in conjunction with your trip? (For example: concerns over health, human trafficking, economic stability, etc.) Conduct additional research as necessary to address this concern. The U.S. State Department website is one source of information pertinent to this aspect.
  • Why is the country you chose a good candidate for a mission trip? Include a paragraph summarizing why the country is a good choice based on the target population, economic information, and safety concerns.
  • Now that you have explained why the country chosen is suitable for your mission trip, provide reasonable estimates for the expenses that will be incurred during your trip and the sources used to create the estimates. These include at a minimum: transportation, supplies, food, and lodging. Also, use either the five year inflation rate from the CPI question in Worksheet 2 or the geometric mean from Module 6 DQ 2 to estimate what these expenses will be in five years.
  • For any expenses that will be incurred outside the United States, you must provide the amounts in the local currency as well as US dollars. Use the current exchange rate and be sure to cite and reference your source according to APA style. A five year projection is required for the local currency as well using the geometric mean of the previous five years inflation rates.  Annual inflation rates for foreign countries can be found at
  • Calculate different ways to pay for your trip using the savings and loan information from your textbook, incorporating the following points into your plan.
    1. You already have a certain percent (no more than 30%) of the money needed for your trip, which begins in five years. This amount will be invested in an interest bearing account.  Find a source to determine compounding frequency and interest rate then use the following formula modified the one on from page 6 – 8 of the text.


Here  is the value of the account after t years,   is the initial investment,  is the APR (written as a decimal),  number of times compounded annually (usually 12 times – once per month), time of the loan in years.

  1. A corporate entity has pledged to make monthly contributions of $100. This money is to be invested in a savings account.  Using information from an internet source, determine the current interest rate on savings accounts and use the information to figure out how much this will be in the account at when ready for the trip.


Here the monthly contributions,  annual interest rate as a decimal,  number of times compounded annually (12 times – once per month), time of the loan in years, value of account after t years.  Note:  This formula is the same as used in Module 1 DQ 2.

  1. The remaining balance must be taken out as a loan. If the above will pay for your entire trip, you must still investigate these loan scenarios. You can consider taking out a $10,000 emergency fund. Find two different banks that will offer the loan amount you need – make sure the interest rates and/or loan lengths are different. Calculate the payment for each of these loans using Loan Payment Formula on page 1-13 of your textbook and discuss the reasons for choosing one or the other.


Here the initial loan amount,  annual interest rate as a decimal,  number of times compounded annually, time of the loan in years, your monthly payment.

Include three or more scholarly resources, including the textbook and The World Factbook.


This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to TurnItIn. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.