MGMT311 Relationship between motivation and economics

For this assignment, you should focus on chapters 5 and 7 in the Org Beh text as well as Chapters 1-3 in Foundations of Business Economics and the article entitled, “Workers Attitudes and the Cost of Production:Hypothesis Tests in an Equilibrium Model”.

The purpose your first writing assignment is to show you the important relationship between motivation and economics.  I want you to start thinking like a manager.  Think about a company that offers incredible benefits to their employees,  do you think that the CEO would approve these programs if the manager suggesting them couldn’t prove that it would also be beneficial for the company?  For this weeks assignment, I would like you to find an example  of a company that is motivating it’s employees with some type of special program.  I would then like you to provide in some detail how this program has increased the productivity, and ultimately the profitability of the company.  Please make sure to use the key concepts from all of the readings.

This paper should include 3-5 pages of content with an additional cover and reference page.  This is a total of 5-7 pages. Please note, a properly formatted page should contain approximately 350 words.

Your paper should be written in proper APA format.  This link will take you to the section of the APUS library that can assist you with your formatting