Federal Contracting Assignments (Week8)

Week 5

Theme: Forms of Solicitations


The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) http://farsite.hill.af.mil/vffara.htm

Part 14  Sealed Bidding

Part 15  Contracting By Negotiation

Part 16  Types of Contracts

Competition Guidelines https://learn.umuc.edu/content/enforced/115100-M_001016-01-2158/Competition%20Guidelines_Aug%202014%20(1).pdf?_&d2lSessionVal=Be5RxR4YV5LNOqg6Z6v1iS3N9&ou=115100

Sealed Bidding Process [Note that the DAU site doesn’t have a security cert so you have to “accept risk” (or use “Advanced” feature) to go to the site.] https://www.acquisition.gov/far/html/Subpart%206_4.html


Participate in week 5 learning activities – Initial response due by Thursday, two classmates follow up response due by Sunday.

Learning Activity #1

With the advent of the FAR in the mid-1980s Sealed Bidding, once the preferred Federal Acquisition method, has fallen out of favor and is seldom used. But it remains part of the FAR and is allowable. What are some of the advantages of Sealed Bidding over other acquisition methods?

Learning Activity #2

Select and list two different contract types as discussed in FAR 16. For each of the types you select address at least 2 Pros and 2 Cons.