Amazon Rainforest Writing Assignment

Purpose:  This assignment’s goal is to expose you to basic facts about the Amazon rainforest as well as introduce you to some of the wildlife and people that live inside it.

Part I (Overview):  Use and follow the directions carefully to complete this assignment.

  1. Click on “Overview” and review the information, including the visuals.  List the 8 nations that the Amazon rainforest is located in.




  1. Click on “Forest Habitat” and review the information there, including the visuals. Worldwide, how quickly is deforestation occurring?  How quickly is it occurring in the Amazon?  Use statistics from the reading to explain your answer.
    1. Worldwide –
    2. Amazon –
  2. Scroll down to the “Why They Matter” section.  Scroll through the three images and review the captions.  List and explain why rainforests matter.



  1. Return to the main page ( and scroll down to the “Species” section.  Choose twoanimals of interest to you that are found in the Amazon and describe them.



Part II (Native Peoples):  Use to learn about the native peoples of the Amazon rainforest.

  1. How many people live in the Amazon rainforest, and how many tribes are they divided into?
  2. Go to to read about the Uncontacted Indians of Brazil. How many uncontacted isolated groups are thought to be in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest?




  1. To what extent have they had contact with outsiders?  Explain your response.





  1. What threats do outsiders pose to uncontacted tribes? List and describe at least two different threats.







Part III (Reflection/Comparisons): Reflect on what you have read and compare and contrast your daily life with that of the people of the Amazon. Feel free to complete additional research into the average life of an Amazonian tribe member. Include at least four points of comparison. This can include things like your shelter, how you get food, your education level, what responsibilities you have, etc.

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