self-awareness as a public service leader

1)Make a list of your positive and negative qualities in two columns. (To get the most of this exercise, make this list before reading the rest of the exercise.)

2) Are any qualities on both lists?

3)Are there more qualities on the positive or negative side? What does this tell you about yourself?

4)Write down the qualities from the above list that you are the most ashamed of about yourself, or that you consider the lease desirable.

5)Count the total number of qualities (both positive and negative). Is it a high number or low number? What does this tell you about yourself?

6)Ask yourself this question: “Can I love myself completely, including all of the above qualities, which are a part of me?” What does your answer to this question tell you about yourself?

7) What does this exercise suggest to you about your personal leadership style and what makes you most effective as a public service leader?