employability skills



This unit will be assessed by assignment and individual presentation. ASSIGNMENT: – Preparation for employment can be very tasking yet crucial for individuals operating in a health and social care sector. In recent time there has been a proven relationship between learning and employability. Skills that facilitate learning such as communication and interpersonal skills can also enhance individual employability in health and social care. Employability skills therefore remain one of the essential, universal and transferable skills that are require by everyone to succeed in education and to work in the health and social care sector. indeed the government as well as the private sector recognise that there is a potential problems for learners in health and social care when seeking employment, largely due to ineptitude towards the identification of certain behavioural and technical requirements linked to various areas of employment. the need to improve these skills has become necessary in order to support the health and social care sector and the entire economy. it has therefore become obvious that employability skills be included in the curriculum for learners aspiring for higher education to support adaptability needed at work. Teaching and learning in this module has been designed to help trigger self-awareness and reflective practice for students which in the long run would propel action plans to career growth. CASE SCENARIO – in order to carry out task 1, assume that your health and social care organisation has a scheme for its employees. Based on the self-assessment report of your own knowledge, experience, ability, skills, and performance, your organisation, would like you to participate in an internal employee promotional competition and CPD training workshop. You are expected to benchmark your knowledge, skills and abilities against national benchmark expectations from the workers in health and social care sector in the UK. Your line manager has asked you to write your own employability skills report. All the assessment criteria linked to this task should be based on your own personal scenario in the context of your organisation as described above. Also your discussion should be supported by relevant theories and concepts. WHAT YOU MUST DO: – All of the answers for LO1 should be focused on the case study scenario in context as described above, however, your discussion should be supported by relevant theories and concepts where appropriate. Task 1: LO1 Be able to determine own responsibilities and performance. WHAT YOU MUST DO- 1.1 develop a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives. 1.2 evaluate own effectiveness against defined performance) objectives in task 1.1).

1.3 Using a specific situation you may have encountered, make recommendations for improvement.

1.4 Review how you would use motivational techniques to improve quality of performance. WRITE WITH FACT-SHEET.