This assignment consists of three parts which are worth 25% of your final grade.

This assignment consists of three parts which are worth 25% of your final grade. Parties to a collective agreement use grievance arbitration when other attempts to resolve a dispute between management and union have failed. The grievance arbitration process involves extensive preparation and most often culminates at an adjudication hearing, where a final decision is made by an arbitrator.

For this three part assignment, you are required to prepare for a grievance for arbitration.

In Part I, gather information about a chosen organization and file a grievance.

In Part II, you must prepare a written position and strategy.

Finally, Part III requires you to make a decision on the matter and issue a decision, in the voice of the Arbitrator. Please be mindful of due dates and deadlines for each part of this assignment.


Selected Online Collective Agreement Sources:

Government of Canada Negotech (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada):


Government of Alberta, Collective Agreements filed with Alberta Employment and Immigration:


Government of British Columbia, Labour Relations Board of British Columbia:


Ontario Hospitals Association:


Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Labour Relations Agency:


Government of Ontario, Collective Bargaining and Information Services:


This is part 1 which is to be completed this week.


For Part I, you must:

  1. Select a unionized organization and locate one of its collective agreements (for help see Selected Online Collective Agreement Sources, but feel free to source them elsewhere);
  2. Create a scenario that the Union/employee(s) view as a violation of the collective agreement. And;
  3. File a grievance using the attached grievance forms. The grievance should indicate the type of grievance you are filing (individual, policy or group), the provision(s) of the collective agreement that have been allegedly violated, specific information about the grievor if applicable (e.g. seniority) and specify the remedy that is being sought. The Employer is not to agree with the grievance as it will be referred to Arbitration.

You will find  grieviance forms attached.


This is the rubics:



Excellent 4-5

Very Good 3-4

Average 2-3

Below Expectations 0-2

Points Possible

– interesting, original and creative choice of scenario

– complex grievance problem

– details as defined in the assignment are fully developed

– original choice of scenario

– challenging grievance problem – Some details as defined in the assignment were missing

– satisfactory choice of scenario

– basic grievance problem

– Several details as defined in the assignment were missing

– unsatisfactory choice of scenario

– grievance problem too simple

– Did not follow directions or is missing one or more required elements