Adobe Animate (Flash) Presentation


AB testing involves creating two versions of a site/app and giving one version (A) to some users to test and the other version (B) to other users. You will develop and deploy two versions of a site with the same information but presented differently, and then arrange for some users to evaluate them.

Answer all worded questions in a separate word document with clear headings.

Task 1: Analyse 3 marks

Select a topic – 1 Mark

This task does not require any initial analysis. You are to choose a topic from the following list

  • History of computers
  • History of the internet
  • History of the World Wide Web
  • The internet of things
  • History of phone technology
  • The rise of Google
  • The CPU
  • Computer storage
  • Security
  • Networking

If you wish to use a different topic, relevant to computer science, consult with your teacher.

Develop content – 2 Marks

Write down at least 5 pieces of information that you will use for content in your website.

Task 2: Design 10 marks

You are to design a multi-page presentation.  Your design can be done on paper (and scanned), or in some graphic design software or storyboarding software. The quality of the graphics does not need to be high, just indicative the content of the page. You need to design at least eleven ‘pages’.

Introduction page – 1 Mark

You must design an introductory page for your topic.

Version A – 5 Marks

You must design an additional 5 pairs of pages.  Each pair will contain explore new content on your chosen topic. The first page of each pair has some relevant content and the second adds some additional information to the previous page. There should be eleven pages in total.

Version B – 4 Marks

In this version, after the introductory page, there are five pages, equivalent to the first page of each pair in Version A. The additional content (second page of each pair from version A) is revealed by some user interaction such as clicking on or mousing over some element (symbol) on the page. Hence the total amount of information in both versions is the same.

Refer to the ‘Travel’ example provided to see what is expected in terms of functionality.

Please add your completed multi-page presentation to your word document and clearly label each image.

Task 3: Implement 12 marks

Using your multi-page presentation, create both these versions of your design in Adobe Animate (Flash). The point of this task is to present the same content to users in two different formats, and to evaluate which form of interaction they prefer.

Version A Implementation

Version A presents the pages as a simple series, similar to a Powerpoint presentation. All of the files including classes for this should be located in a folder called Version A.

Version B Implementation

Version B uses interactivity to reveal the additional content (the second of each pair of pages) without actually changing page.  All of the files including classes for this should be located in a folder called Version B.


You are to create 2 separate websites on Google sites. One website will host the Version A, the other site Version B.

These websites should be named <s1234567VA> and < s1234567VB>. (Where s1234567 replace it with your student number)

You will receive marks on the following criteria:

  • Navigation between pages in flash is completed using action scripting, not timeline animation – 3 marks
  • Accessibility to both websites – 1 mark
  • Each page has relevant content answered in Task 1 – 1 mark
  • Your Version B flash website has additional functionality over Version A – 5 marks
  • Your implementation of your pages in Flash mirrors your multi-page presentation in Task 2 – 2 marks

Add the link to your website in your word document.

Task 4: Evaluate 5 Marks

Survey – 1 Mark

Create two surveys (Google Form) with one general question ‘How would you rate this site from 1 – 10. Add space for a descriptive comment if desired.

Add a link for this survey to your answer sheet.

Response to Survey – 1 Mark

Find ten users (from class or outside) and provide five with the URL of Version A and five with the URL of Version B, plus the survey link (different survey for each presentation, but with the same question).

Do not give both versions to the same testers.

Export the results of each survey in 2 different spreadsheets on Google docs and provide a link to these in your answer document.

Report – 3 Marks

Write a short report (1 – 2 paragraphs) on the results of the evaluations in your word document, and see if you can identify a preference for A or B. If you can find more users for testing that would be good but not required.

What you need to submit

1X word document with completed answers for Tasks 1, 2, 3, 4

1X zip file containing:

  • Version A and Version B in separate folders, with each folder containing
    • All of your action script flash files for each version
    • All of your action script class files for each version