MIS 204

Project: 1                                                                                                                             Due on: 08/31/2016 11:59PM

Total points: 10

Mode of submission: Online through your blackboard account.  No email submissions will be accepted.


Assignment 3 Description: You work for Miss Lexi’s Baked Goods which sell Cookie Baskets. You are given the price and quantity sold for each item as follows












Product Price ($) Quantity Sold
Almond Crunches 15.95  559
Cinnamon Sleds 15.95  1,026
Coconut Snowmen 19.95  1,598
Molasses Chews 19.95  2,287
Raspberry Bells 21.95  787
Gingerbread  Men 21.95  1,065
Chocolate Delights 25.95  1,076

You are asked to create a sales summary worksheet in excel 2013. All calculations involved in the worksheet preparation must be completed using appropriate formulae. Your finished worksheet should contain the name of the business in the top in large font, additional column for cost of each item, and total cost in the bottom of the cost column.

Strictly follow the below mentioned naming convention.

Name your excel worksheet as follows

  • Lastname Firstname Project 1.xlsx

Use the following instruction for submission

Step 1: Go to the assignment submission section

Step 2:  click on “Browse My Computer” button then select and attach the excel file from your computer.

Step 3: Click “Submit” button.