Review of Patient Transfers from Emergency to Radiology

Review of Patient Transfers from Emergency to Radiology Dear Safe20002 Consulting, I am the Director, Safety and Quality for ABC Healthcare. Recently, I have been tasked by our executive to undertake a review of patient transfers from the emergency department to radiology. Over the last six months we have had several instances where the incorrect patient has been transferred, and x-rays on the wrong patient have then been performed. As I understand you to be a leading Human Factors consulting group, I would like to engage your services for this project. In short, we would like a Healthcare Failure Mode Effects Analysis (HFMEA) performed on the process of patient transfers between the Emergency Department and Radiology Department, to identify areas of vulnerability, and your recommendations for addressing these areas of vulnerability. We would like your report structured in the following sections, and no more than 2500 words: 1. Brief History of HFMEA 2. Overview of the HFMEA methodology as applied by your team. 3. Basic Process Map of patient transfers 4. Completed HFMEA worksheets/tables 5. Summary of high risk areas of vulnerability 6. Recommendations for safety enhancement Once you have had the opportunity to review this brief, and commence preliminary work, please make sure you get in touch to discuss any questions you might have. Kind regards, suggested resources:- at least 15 scholar/peer reviewed journal/articles.