We all know that food-borne bacteria can make us sick.

We all know that food-borne bacteria can make us sick.  But the bacteria that normally live in our digestive tract can do a lot to keep us healthy!  The importance of the bacteria in our digestive tract is a very hot topic in research right now.  It seems like every day we find out something new that our gut bacteria do for us.  We discussed a couple of benefits of these bacteria in the Large Intestinepage.  Now I want you to use your Google-fu to find out what else scientists think our gut bacteria might be involved in.



1. Search the web to find out what beneficial effects our gut bacteria are thought to have on health.

–This may include the effects of probiotics (live bacteria we can consume)

–This may include how changes in the types of bacteria we have in our gut affect health

–This may include how the overuse of antibiotics affects our gut bacteria and thus our health

–Or you can just look for beneficial gut bacteria in general


2. Select one interesting or surprising finding to share with your classmates and post it here.



3. Tell us where you found your information!  You must include a link to the webpage or article you found.